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One component clear polyurethane prime



A one component clear polyurethane primer which has been designed as a high performance bonding agent for Polyurethane sealants and coatings. 


To act as a primer for polyurethane Sealants and coatings  where they are applied to porous or friable surfaces such as concrete or plaster.  


• Suitable for use as a general purpose primer for pre-treatment to concrete, steel, masonary, wood and other porous surfaces. 

• Not suitable for use on glass, stainless steel and plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

Areas of application  

• Concrete. 

• As a primer for all concrete repair work. 

• As a surface preparation for joints prior to the application of PU Sealant.


Surface preparation: The correct preparation of the surfaces is critical in ensuring the satisfactory performance of the polyurethane sealant or coatings. All surfaces should be dry and sound and laitance or surface contamination should be removed by wire brushing, grinding or grit blasting. Vacuum or blow with compressed air to ensure removal of dust. The use of the primer will assist but will not compensate for surfaces that are too weak to withstand the forces exerted on them by the sealant or coatings.

Mixing: Stir using a low speed mechanical mixer or drill.


• Apply by brush, roller or spray.  

• Apply thinly, avoid pooling of primer.  Spills may be mopped up using an absorption cloth. 

• Thinning is generally not required. 

• The primer has a pot life of 6 hours at 25ºC.  Do not attempt to re-use primer, which has already set. 

• Avoid exposure to open flames. 

• Proceed with topcoat or sealant application once the primer has become tacky (20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on weather and ambient temperature at the site)

Apply the mixed material with a brush, roller or airless spray to surfaces ensuring complete coverage. Particular attention should be paid to any voids and hollows. Allow at least 30 minutes for the solvent to evapourate before applying the polyurethane sealant or coatings. Protect the primed surface from dust or dirt, which could coat it and interfere with the adhesion of the sealant.  

Cleaning: Clean all tools with PU Thinner before the primer has cured as it is almost impossible to remove once this has occurred.


15 Kg. Bucket


Contains organic solvents. Flammable. Do not use in confined spaces. Ensure adequate ventilation and the absence of any ignition source. Wear protective clothing. In case of eye contact wash well with water and obtain medical advice.


The information contained in this technical data sheet is to the best of our knowledge correct.  We advise customers to satisfy themselves with the suitability of the product in their application.  No guarantee is expressed or implied.   Customers are further advised to ensure that this data sheet is up to date as the information contained herein may be updated without notice.



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