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One Component α- Hybrid Polymer Based Waterproofing Material


Product Descriptions:

BTMSEAL ALFAHİBRİT is which can be applied from both sides (Negatif and pozitif sides),  - 5 ° C and at temperatures above, can be applied to wet surfaces, not require primer, 2mm. crack featured bridging, solventless, heavy metal and cyanate-free, fast curing, easy to apply, 100% solid (solventless), hibrid polymer based waterproofing material. Excised after application, U.V. durable, rugged and crack-bridging feature creates a structure. Elastomeric property by reason of the performance remains the same even at low temperatures.

Product Uses:

• Terraces and balconies

• In the basement of the inner and outer surfaces

• Repair of surface cracks

• The joints of interior and exterior surfaces

• The interior surfaces of the domes and facades

• In waterproofing on the roof

• Under ceramic application 

• As a moisture barrier in flooring applications

Product Features:

• No need to prime

• Fast and full cure 

• The new generation curing agent

• Easy application because of low viscosity

• Unplasticised formulation

• Breathable

• High chemical resistant

• -5 º C to 35 º C applied.

• Applied to damp surfaces

• Have not fully cured (minimum 4 days) applied on fresh concrete

Surface Preperations and Application:

Application surface, dust, loose parts, such as anti-stick material be free of oil is required. Successful application, the correct surface preparation and can be achieved by using the right materials. Application surface may be damp or wet ground. But should not puddles.

    • The surfaces of dust and waste with the help of an electric vacuum cleaner should be cleaned thoroughly.

     • BTMSEAL ALFAHYBRID brush, roller or airless spray should be applied.

Application Surfaces:

     • Concrete

     • Cured, uncured fresh(green) concrete  

     • Glass 

     • Glossy, matte ceramic surfaces

     • Steel, stainless steel

     • Aluminum

     • Cupper 

     • Zinc 

     • Wood 

     • Bitumen and asphalt-based surfaces.


 1,7-2,2 kg/m2 (according to the surface condition)

Application Tools:

Brush, roller or airless sprey

After the application all tools must be clean 


4.5 kg - 20 kg ( 15 kg transparent)


White,RAL 7040-7046 and transparent

Storage condition and shelf life:

Store in dry conditions in original packaging at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Unopened packaging at leaset 12 month.


• Application surface imperfections and shiny / non-absorbent portions with appropriate tools (floor mills) should be roughened.

• Opened packages should be completely finished.

• After curing, BTMSEAL ALFAHİBRİT is completely healthy.

Application, using protective gloves, should be done in well-ventilated places.

Materials in contact with the skin or eyes immediately with plenty of water and / or should be washed with soap.

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