Decorative Roof Coverings

  • BTM Shingle Dragon

    The new shingle product, which takes its name from the Dragon teeth shape, has a self adhesive nature. BTM Shingle Dragon, which creates a 3D impact on the area it covers with its shady...

  • BTM Shingle Laminated

    Laminated Shingle is a double-fold, fibreglass-reinforced roof covering and waterproofing membrane made of oxidated bitumen, which is coated with sand on the lower surface and by coloured...

  • BTM Shingle Dragon Flex

    BTM, providing the highest number of options in model and color in roofing material shingle in Turkey, included to its range of shingle products the Dragon Flex model made of SBS added...

  • BTM Shingle Roll

    Membrane ShingleRoll with BTM Shingle pattern is a waterproofing membrane with polyester mat carrier, with APP additive, having Shingle look, colorful granulated and designed for inclined...



    One Component α- Hybrid Polymer Based Waterproofing Material


    BTMSEAL ELASTO DRYROOF is the specially formulated elastomeric based waterproofing material to be applied to various surfaces. By means of its special formulation, it provides excellent...


    One component α- hybrid polymer based transparent waterproofing material

  • BTM Geotekstil Keçe

    Milimetreden çok daha ince liflerin iğneleme ve ısıl işlem yöntemiyle birleştirilmesiyle oluşturulan kumaş görünümlü yüzeydir

  • BTM Poseidon PO3000

    BTM Poseidon PO3000 is a waterproofing membrane, which is strong felt framed, is modified with well-selected thermoplastic polyolefins, is applied with torch, contains bitumen, of which...

  • Bituproof Y Yatay

    BTM BituProof Y, first layer membrane used on the foundation bed of system (under the raft), is a superior quality membrane with reinforced elastomeric modified bitumen and high strength...

  • BTM Bituflex

    Bituflex is two component polymer modified bitumen emulsion and accelerater solution, which is water based waterproofing material

  • BT2K 750

    Dual component, flexible, water based, fibre reinforced rubber-polymer modified bitumen waterproofing BT2K 750 waterproofing has been designed for protection of structures against water...

  • Bituproof Y Plus

    BTM BituProof Y is a superior membrane being SBS-additive, elastomeric modified bituminous, having high strength, double layered special polyester reinforcement, laps of which are...

  • BTM BT2K 600

    Bitumento BT2K 600 is a solvent-free, two-component, elastic, water-based, fiber reinforced, rubber and cement based bitumen waterproofing material.

  • BTM Plastobit

    Plastobit is a fibreglass-reinforced waterproofing membrane made of bitumen modified with APP (atactic polypropylene), coated with PE (polyethylene) film on the lower and upper surfaces...

  • BTM Polibit

    BTM Polibit is a fibreglass-reinforced waterproofing membrane made of bitumen modified with APP (atactic polypropylene), coated with PE (polyethylene) film on the lower and upper surfaces...

  • BTM Polyplan PVC Membrane RU-P

    PolyPlan RU-P is a synthetic membrane which is plasticized PVC-based, polyester-equipped, bonded with hot air welding by fixing it to light metal or concrete roofs by means of mechanic...

Green Roofs

Thermal Insulation

  • BTM Polpan N

    Polpan N is a closed-cell extruded poystyrene hardfoam thermal insulation sheet with an armoured and smooth surface. Having thickness of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9 and 10 cm, these sheets...


Tarihi Yapıların Su Yalıtımında Güvenilir Marka BT...

Cumhuriyet döneminin Başkent’teki simge yapılarından Ankara Palas’ın çatı renovasyonu su yalıtımında BTM ürünleri... More

BTM Bituproof ile Kolaylık ve Tasarruf Bir Arada

Bilecik Bozüyük Belediyesi Kent Meydanı ve Katlı Otopark Projesi temel su yalıtımında BTM Bituproof Temel Bohçalama... More

Akasya Port Projesinin Tercihi BTM Elastobit Membr...

Akasyaport Projesi’nde BTM Elastobit  Membran tercih edildi.BTM Bayisi İzomees’in konusunda uzman ekipleri... More

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With its headquarters in İzmir, the foundations of BTM, leading insulation company of Turkey, were laid in İstanbul in 1976 by Türkiye Şişe Cam Group... More


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