Pitched Roof Solution

Pitched Roof System Solution

Permanent solutions for pitched and steep green roofs. Different system solutions depending on const...

BTM Optigreen extensive substrate type E* (60-130 mm)

A substrate with high water capacity and good air pore volume

Optigreen vegetation mat (alternatively 5-15° seeding)

Pre-cultivated sedum(-herb-grass) mats for rapid vegetation establishment, with decomposable carrier...

Optigreen anti-slip systems (roof pitch starting at 15°)

Prevents sliding of green roof build-up and stabilises the substrate layer

BTM Optigreen protection and storage mat type RMS 500

Protects the roof membrane against damage and stores water. Does not apply to roofs with a pitch of...

BTM Optigreen drainage mat type 800

For water storage and directed drainage of surplus water, especially from the eaves (use on total ro...